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Because of JC's belief that ​healthy people create healthy cultures, JC writes on the subjects of personal, leadership and culture development. 


How to Take Your Leadership and Organization to the Next Level


For many years, the leadership buzzword has been "servant leadership." JC seeks to take the philosophy of leadership to the next level with the idea of Empowering Leadership. While servant leadership still places the onus of leadership on the shoulders of the leader, empowering leadership releases control and power to the team members within the organization, creating more effective and empowering environments. 

If you are looking to become more empowering and effective in your leadership sills, this book is for you. 


A Practical Guide to Living a Life of Greatness 


Everyone wants to live a great life. Yet, very few people actually do. 

Why? Most people are pursuing happiness by living from the outside in as opposed to the inside out. Most people make commitments based on the opinions of others and the success they are seeking. 

Yet, a life of greatness is much more simple. A life of true greatness is about making four commitments to oneself. While these commitments are simple in words, they are challenging and counter-culture in action. However, these commitments have the power to radically change your life, your family and your organization. 


Your Guide to Living a Fully Expressed and Fully Integrated Life


A fully expressed and fully integrated life. This is the first step towards leadership. 

Leadership is both science and art. This books speaks to the art side of the life of a leader.

The foundation of leadership is knowing who you are and living who you are. The greatest leaders of our time never sought to become the greatest leaders of their time. They simply lived from the inside out. They knew their purpose and lived their purpose. 

This book is foundational for any would-be leader. 

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