Culture Strategist. Keynote Speaker. Trainer.


JC Hurtado-Prater is a culture strategist, keynote speaker, author and principal at Cannonball Group, an innovative training and consulting company focused on educating companies on how to create and sustain amazing organizational culture where every employee can reach their full and highest potential. 


JC believes that "one's work is the most sacred act one can give away...and time the greatest resource to expend." This being the case, JC is passionate about helping companies and organizations empower their people as human capital versus human resources with the end goal of creating more effective, more profitable and more impactful companies and organizations around the globe. 


From his time in the military to nearly 20 years of leadership in the government, non-profit and education spacee, JC a proponent of empowering leadership. JC has written two books on personal development, Be You and The 4 Commitments. His third book, The Empowering Leader, was released December 2019. JC is currently writing his fourth book on organizational resilience. 


In addition to speaking, writing and training on culture, JC is passionate about being active and involved in his local community of San Diego, CA. Because of his passion for education, JC serves on several advisory boards dealing with education and youth empowerment including the Chancellor's Community Advisory Board for the University of California, San Diego, the Southwestern College Foundation Board and the Board of Directors for South Bay Community Services, one of the leading social service agencies in San Diego County. In addition, JC serves as the worship pastor for New Hope Eastlake, a church in the San Diego South Bay that reaches nearly 2,000 people on a weekly basis. 


JC, a veteran of the United States Army, holds a BA from UCLA, Master of Business Administration from Saint Joseph's College and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign






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